Sunday, January 24

Feminine Friday Farewell

For today's Feminine Friday we have a sad little note. Jean Simmons (not the Kiss guy) passed away at the age of 80 to lung cancer in her home Friday. She was one of those actresses who was in classic movie after classic movie, but to me she'll always be kissing Sky Masterson (Marlon Brando) in Guys and Dolls. I watched that movie I don't know how many times in 8th grade and it's still one of my favorite musicals, and still the only Brando movie I've ever seen. Farewell, Sarah Brown, I'm sure you'll continue to be a ringing bell in Heaven.

Below is a clip of Sky and Sarah serenading each other - and under that a bonus clip of Nathan (Frank Fucking Sinatra) and Adelaide (Viviane Blaine)! I love this movie. Go rent it, in Jean's honor.

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