Monday, January 4

Obsessive Much? Shrink Talk and Love on Wheelz

Ok so more than a few of you may have heard of Tucker Max, well known (and self-proclaimed) asshole, rich kid, and writer. Actually, I personally find him pretty funny, or at least I like his writing. (The movie, not so much, but that's not the point of this post.) Anyway, so he has his site and along with that his company, Rudius Media, owned/sponsored several other blogs by various interesting people, most of which I checked out at one point or another and two of which I actually love very much - Shrink Talk and Love on Wheelz. Then Rudius Media died. These two really solid blogs, though, survived on their own, but now have much much less automatic readership than they used to because they're not listed under Tucker's list of friends on his site, which I'm sure has a shit ton (technical term) of visitors every day. Well I'm selfish and I don't want these blogs to go under, so if any of Chatty Kathy's and my readers want to check out some really interesting stuff on both their blogs, I would appreciate it (and so would they). I've read every post both of these guys has ever done, and I plan to continue to do the same (I told you I have obsessive tendencies - but only with good stuff.) Here's what they're all about.

Love on Wheelz - Raul is a kid (and by "kid" I mean "my age") who has Muscular Dystrophy, which makes it so that he has to use a wheel chair to get around and he also has a lot of other medical issues, so he needs a nurse a lot of the time and generally doesn't live the same type of life that most of us take for granted. Not that he asks for pity; in fact, he'd probably be really pissed off if you pitied him. He's funny, he's a good writer, and he has a really interesting perspective. Honestly I just like the guy and I like reading what he has to say. He's really honest and seems to have a really great grasp on his feelings and his goals, all of which I find refreshing. Definitely worth a read.

Shrink Talk - This is probably my new favorite blog. It's written by Dr. Rob Dobrenski, who is brilliant. And here's what's brilliant about him: he's flawed, he doesn't always have the answers to his own problems, and he is really hard on himself - but all this is inserted into his posts which are consistently educational and… buoying. In other words, he's saying really great stuff, giving really good advice, and not ruining it by pretending to be flawless and omniscient. His main point, I think, is that we're all "flawed and neurotic," (INCLUDING SHRINKS) and that's ok, and once we can accept that about ourselves and about others we can start moving towards being psychologically healthy. I don't have a shrink, and I don't know if I ever could now because I'm afraid they wouldn't live up to my standards, as set by Dr. Rob. I read the site religiously. It never fails to make me feel better, and to make me re-evaluate things, in a positive way. He's got a book coming out, and I want him to have as much success as possible if it means that I get to read more of his advice. Please check out the site.

Seriously, they're both excellent, and they deserve all the publicity they can get, even from our dumbass little blog. Obviously I've got links to both of them, but I also linked them on the side in case you come back in months and are like "what was that psychology thing she talked about in that one post?" (I'm thinking wishfully). Now go learn.

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