Monday, January 18

Garfield Was Right About Mondays

So it's Masculine Monday and to be quite frank I'm not in the greatest mood today. No, I don't want to talk about it. But I realize that everyone gets in these funks and so for this MM I want to pay homage to two men (in a manner of speaking) who always make my day better in one way or another. One is an old friend, one is a new friend.


I know what you're thinking. "You only like him because he's Jewish!" No, that is only about 56% of why I like him. The other reasons I like him are because of LOST, one of my favorite TV shows ever which I am currently and obsessively re-watching in our attic while doing a Santa puzzle (SUPER NORMAL) and because of the new Star Trek movie, which I also have also been watching on repeat since I got it for Christmas (THANKS MOM!). I love that movie so much I watched the director's commentary - that's right, I did, and it was fucking fascinating. It was a whole bunch of tech guys talking about shaking the camera and what was on green screen and what was animated and I was RIVETED. Anyway, J.J.'s "writerly obsessions" (as my writing teacher Jenny Bagel referred to them), as far as I can tell from these pieces of fucking art, are 1. Sci-fi, particularly Time Travel (I went with obvious first) and 2. Outcasts, people who feel alone; people who are looking for a reason to matter. Well I like Sci-Fi and I like interesting characters, so J.J.'s ok with me.


I am currently reading the entire Qwantz archives. It's a great project. I always like finding comics that prove that some people out there have just as fucking weird a sense of humor as I do. This T-Rex is hilarious. The comics are always in the same format - like, the same pictures every day, but with different words - and the T-Rex's expressions are always hilarious. It always seems like he's yelling the final panel, and I'm a generally loud person so I find that yelling something can make it even funnier than speaking something does. Also, when you mouse over the comic itself, a little box of text pops up that makes the comic even MORE amusing because it's just the author saying something self-referential and his self-reference is usually pretty spot-on. I'm currently on comic 153 and only have about a bajillion left to get through. If you follow us on Facebook, I'm sure you'll see some of them in our album in the near future.

Anyway, if you're having a bad day, take part in one of our two MM's work, it'll make you feel better. If you're having a good day, go fuck yourself. "I'M HOSTILE TODAY" yelled the Katiesaurus Rex.

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