Monday, January 4

Chatty Kathy's Most Listened to Songs of 2009

So I had this fabulous idea for an end-of-the-year-countdown-post. I made a smart playlist in my iTunes to quickly sort my top listened to songs of 2009. I was hoping to get some that were released in 2009 and ones that you hadn't heard of so that I could show you how much cooler I am than you. Well, it backfired. Because the majority of the songs that Chatty Kathy listened to are embarrassing as fuck. So, for you, and at the urging of Katie D's conniving, vindictive, wicked words, here are Chatty Kathy's top 20 most listened to songs of 2009. I did 20 because this is the only "best of"-esque list we have. Double your pleasure, double your fun, ya know?

1. Somebody to Love-- Glee Cast. Play Count? 249. Reason? We left my iPod on overnight after we had some people over for a calm gathering that did not involve alcohol or the inevitable making of grilled cheese sandwiches (with tomato) or ordering of pizza. Without this incident, the play count would probably be around 200.

2. Walking on Broken Glass-- Annie Lennox. Play Count? 172. Reason? ANNIE FUCKING LENNOX.

I Put up a live version because I hate playing "Spot Doctor House" in the terribly drab actual music video.

3. Umbrella-- Rihanna. Play Count? 111. Reason? Ella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh.

4. Don't Stop the Music-- Rhianna. Play Count? 111. Reason? Nobody knows she sampled Michael Jackson for this song.

5. Distrubia-- Rihanna. Play Count? 107. Reason? BOM BOM BEDOM BOM BOM BEDOM DOM

6. Paper Planes-- M.I.A. Play Count? 46. Reason? Did you see this pregnant bitch perform at the Grammy's wit dem thugz?

7. Just Dance-- Lady GaGa. Play Count? 44. Reason? This was when I was still closeted about my love for The Lady.

8. Starch & Carbohydrates-- Rosa. Play Count? 44. Reason? OMG! A band you probably haven't heard of? My indie-kid street cred is still intact!! This is a small band from Houston, TX (Da 281. Da place I'm from.) they put out one record in 2003 (I, Mississippi, You) and then broke up. It's a little country, punk, acoustic, folk tune. There's only one website that mentions them, and other than that it's a fan myspace. Hit them up on iTunes.

9. I Kissed a Girl-- Katy Perry. Play Count? 44. Reason? Trashy, exploitive, mainstream lesbianism that encourages more straight girls to drunkenly make-out with other straight girls that may give me a chance to maybe get in on the action? YES PLEASE.

My thoughts, exactly, Ellen.

10. Those Anarcho Punks are Mysterious...-- Against Me! Play Count? 38. Reason? Reminds me of a friend.

11. Lovegame-- Lady GaGa. Play Count? 38. Reason? I don't have one.

12. Eh Eh (Nothing Else I can Say)-- Lady GaGa. Play Count? 38. Reason? Cherry Cherry Boom Boom...

13. Beatiful Dirty Rich-- Lady GaGa. Play Count? 37. Reason? ...

14. Poker Face-- Lady GaGa. Play Count? 37. Reason? How do you wake Lady GaGa up? You Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pokerface.

15.Boys Boys Boys-- Lady GaGa. Play Count? 37. Reason? I pretend I'm a drag queen.

16. Everybody-- Ingrid Michaelson. Play Count? 36. Reason? Finally, some legitimacy to this list. This is from Michaelson's new Album that she independently released (as always) called, well, "Everybody." It's got a studio version of "The Chain." I wish that song had made this list.

17. The Fame-- Lady GaGa. Play Count? 36. Reason? We're doing it for the Fame (Fame) I want to LIVE FOREVER!!!!

18. Cavelier Eternal-- Against Me! Play Count? 35. Reason? Reminds me of that same friend.

19. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger-- Daft Punk. Play Count? 35. Reason? Kanye never upgrades anything.

20. Fell in Love with a Boy--Joss Stone. Play Count? 35. Reason? This song puts me right into the French Quarter in New Orleans where I am magically really thin and really hot and really genderqueer with this really raspy voice and this guy backing me on drums. I don't even know if he plays drums, but I want to play the guitar and match my voice to those bends in the chorus. Don't judge me.

So there it is. The most embarassing, most listened to list of 2009. It's really just embarassing because it reveals how many times I listened to Lady GaGa's The Fame Album and that I'm really quite obsessive.

Here's something slowly making it's way into my most played. It's started my 2010 off right, that's for sure.

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  1. Way to steal my Poker Face joke, you hack.

  2. I'm very pleased to see what a wide spectrum of Gaga you covered... it's too bad The Fame Monster came out at the end of the year, otherwise I bet you could have had a list of almost EXCLUSIVELY Lady Gaga songs.

  3. Well it looks like you've got all the bases covered.

  4. I'm thrilled ya'll support me. Katie D, I was about 3 months late on even hearing that joke and it wasn't from you. So GET OFF YOUR PEDESTAL BITCH.

  5. Absolutely not, I know I've told you that joke because I heard it this summer and of course I then told everyone I knew. I'm dependable in that I'm repetitive.