Saturday, January 9

The Very First Feminine-Friday-On-Saturday-Sorry-Can't-Even-Keep-Up-With-Our-Own-Schedule Post

Greetings Earthlings. (That has no context in this post, I just wanted to great you for what you are.)

Also, forgive me readers, for I have sinned. I did not stick to our New Year's resolution schedule and slacked major hard on Feminine Friday. But alas, here it is.

Let's view the subject under discussion:Now, I know I've said I don't care about The Gosselins as a family and I still don't. But Kate Gosselin's hair is a completely different Situation. Let's be real. She's quoted in this People Magazine article that: "It’s good to have hair again, I never thought I’d have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life … I’ve got it. I am now Kate Clean Slate." DID THIS BITCH ALREADY RE-MARRY SOME OTHER AWKWARDLY MIXED RACE PERSON? Who is this "Clean Slate" character? Is it some code name for her body guard?

I find this Tabula Rasa Kate insanely annoying because not only am I over their failed, broken marriage TV show, the way she takes on this transformation is by changing her fucking hair. Since Kate Gosselin's hair is already a publicity stunt, it's unfortunate that "A New Woman" version of Kate is one with just an extreme reverse version of her previous haircut. YAWN. It's oddly short in the front, compared to the insanely long back, reverse of the signature Gosselin. Don't even get me started on those cheap ass extensions. Not original and still not cute. This will last for about a week. It's not like she pulled off a B-spears and really Tabula Rasa'd that shit up and went bald.

And just for old time's sake: Jon and Kate Plus 8 (minus Maddy equals better show)!

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  1. Her hair so is the opposite of what it used to be, and neither one looked very good to be honest.