Monday, January 11

Still Monday on the West Coast. Barely.

I was already planning to do the Taylor Lautner post, but earlier today I reminded myself of my love for this other M Squared. So I returned from Christmas break yesterday and today one of my first orders of business was to go to my favorite falafel restaurant. Upon receiving my falafel, I responded with a satisfied growl that, when I heard it come out of my mouth, reminded me of one of my sitcom favorites: Tim the Tool Man Taylor. Et voila, I decided Tim Allen would be my second macho macho man who I would pay tribute to.

Tim Allen is most famous (according to me) for three roles: Tim the Tool Man Taylor, Buzz Lightyear, and Santa Claus (ONLY THE FIRST MOVIE. IT IS A CLASSIC.). They are pictured beneath. In his honor, please do an impression of one of these characters now. My love for him goes to infinity… and beyond!

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