Thursday, February 5

Shit Son

Sucks to be Michael Phelps right now! He's been suspended from swimming competitions for the next three months, and he's talking about not swimming in the 2012 Olympics. Plus, Kelloggs dropped his sponsorship. Damn! All for smoking a little weed? Honestly, who gives a FUCK? He was arrested for a DUI back in 2004 and now all this shit... the boy is a jock. I'm not saying he should be held to different standards, but does anyone really expect anything else? And of all the dumbass things he could do, the DUI is a lot shittier than just smoking some pot. And THIS is what people are having a fucking hissy fit about? It's not like he could've even hurt anyone. The above picture is from the good old days - you know, six months ago - and is one of my favorite pictures of him. (It emphasizes his bod and hides the butterface quite nicely.) I used it to make myself less depressed about all this crap!

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