Friday, February 6

I Love Jesus but I Drink a Little

This is from late December but I just stumbled upon it and it's fabulous. If you've ever watched Ellen's show you know that she calls viewers and has conversations with them sometimes, and this time she got someone particularly... feisty. It's 88 year old Gladys from Austin, Texas, and she is just so happy to be talking to Ellen that she shares all sorts of fun things about herself. Gladys had called Ellen to have her move the "spiky plant" from behind her head (lest she look like Alfalfa) and Ellen called her to report the fact that she'd moved it, and they have a wonderful conversation. The woman is a philosopher. I wish this lady was my crazy aunt or something. I'd buy her ladybug broaches all the fucking time. And a little brandy, to thin the blood!

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  1. This is actually from a while ago. ps - rumor has it Gladys is a fake. They can't find anyone by that name in Austin. And if you listen, it kind of sounds like a guy doing an old lady's voice. A local paper in Austin wanted to interview her. They couldn't find her in the phone book. Hired a private detective and he couldn't find her either. So the bitch is dead or she never existed.

  2. Damn. Well I'm sorry my journalistic skills are lacking, I just thought it was funny. And it's good to see Ellen laugh like that!