Tuesday, February 3

The Lezzy's

Hey! NOMINATE US!(I would like everyone to know that I worked really hard on a really cheesy graphic to enhance this already amazing graphic the kind people over at thelesbianlifestyle.com provided for us. It was just so cheesy I couldn't allow it to populate Dyxieland, as it is such a good looking site already.)

So over at thelesbianlifestyle.com there’s this little contest for “Lesbian Blog of the Year.” Let’s not try for it right? We are kind of new and only half gay, but hell, that’s enough for us to qualify for awards given to an already incredibly tiny, incestuous community to being with. So head on over to this link and put our name (www.dyxieland.blogspot.com) into the Culture/Entertainment field and if you don’t mind, Blog of the Year. Let’s go big or go home. Now, they are having issues counting the votes as people are not responding to the verification email they send you. You are allowed one vote per 24/hr period and voting is open from the February 2 to the 7th, so we are already a day behind! We all know you don’t work and have too much times on your hands. So just vote for us and catch us up!

Tell your friends! Do it more than once! We have no shame over here at Dyxieland, so we will even bribe you if need be. Katie D. makes an especially satisfying oatmeal lace cookie (sounds weird, tastes AMAZING) and I’m especially good with my hands. So. You know. Email me.

Then, if all of our bribing and all your nominating is successful, the top 3 nominations are moved on to the voting period, where we will give you more news when that happens. (I’m thinking positively here.)

And in case you didn't get it with the other links, you can vote HERE.

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