Saturday, February 14


So as a good television watcher, I of course Tivo the Ellen show just in case she has someone interesting on that I want to investigate (see: obsess over). I've sort of had a thing for John Mayer since I was in 7th grade - because, see, no one understood me and I just had sooooo many feelings - and he's still one of my favorite musicians, despite all these pesky rumors that he's a total douche in real life. Plus, Josh Groban had that one song that was kind of neat and I also find his voice rull purty, so I'm interested in him. So naturally, when I saw that Ellen was having JM AND JG on her show, I had to check it out.

Well the show started out well with a gorgeous duet by Ellen and JG (above) singing a romantic and touching song. It continued with Ellen's regular humor, a little of JM being a douche, and finished up with a FANTASTIC Grammy-themed game of Celebrity (one person holds up a pic of a celebrity over their head and the other person has to get them to guess who it is) courtesy of JM and Ellen. (Then they sang "Just Dance" in Ellen's bathroom.) But really, the game of Celebrity was ah-mah-zing. John Mayer knows his shit! He sang parts of songs from all the people he was hinting for, and he immediately guessed almost all the ones Ellen was hinting for. It was pretty damn cool and I was impressed. Clip below (and hey, it has Japanese subtitles if you're interested!):

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  1. Holy balls. John Mayer is so goo at that! He should guest blog for us...