Saturday, February 14

Obsessive Much? HJNTIY

First, I'd like to note that I've been a bad, bad blogger recently, because I haven't had a single post in like a week. I've actually been focusing on things like my schoolwork rather than celebrity news. That being said, though, last weekend I went to see the soon-to-be-classic "He's Just Not That Into You," and I LOVED IT.

So we're clear, I hate most chick flicks. Almost anything with Kate Whatever and Matthew Whoever - not into it. They're predictable and unrealistic. However, movies like Love Actually - where you can't really guess how it's going to end up and sometimes you're really unhappy with the endings (WHY didn't Karl and Laura Linney end up together??) - that shit I adore. Because that's the beauty of it! I like movies that have characters that are at least somewhat realistic, and who have stories that don't necessarily have to have happy endings (although of course you hope most of them do!) and that, my friends, is He's Just Not That Into You.

So without giving too much shit away, here's a summary: bitches and dicks ain't know how to treat each other right. Some of them are too desperate, some of them play games with each other, some of them don't really know what they want. In the end, some people break up, and some stay together, but mostly they make healthy decisions for themselves. And that last aspect, good friends, is the key to the movie. They make healthy decisions for themselves!

See, in most CF's, girls end up with guys who may treat them like crap or like goddesses - doesn't really matter, as long as they end up with the guy. Girls only have value if they're in a couple (what a depressing V-day message...). And guys settle for girls who are absolutely fucking CRAZY even if they're better than that(again, depressing!). Games are played. Hearts are broken. Tears are shed. Whatever. It's boring and predictable, and hopefully not particularly realistic - or else we're in big fucking trouble.

Anyway. Not in this movie. I saw it with my roommates and a whole theater full of girls and it was fabulous (actually, funny anecdote: the one guy friend in the movie theater was sitting right behind me. First, he and his friends commented that something smelled like mayo, which made my roommates - who had just gotten Chik-Fil-A sandwiches - sit a little lower in their seats. Then, when the bitch who played Audrey (Joey's college roommate) on Dawson's Creek came on, he correctly - and at the same time as me - informed his friend of how she knew who she was. Gay guy? I don't know, but I found it hilarious). Sadly, one of my favorite websites - - has been shut down (according to my sources, this is because bitches don't want people watching movies for free) - so I'm unable to watch HJNTIY 300 times until I've memorized every line (like I did with Twilight), so I've had to satisfy myself with watching a million cast interviews about it. They all say the same thing I have ("My character is very realistic and the plot is just magnificent and the cast was a joy to work with...") so unless you're an obsessive freak like myself, don't bother to Youtube them. You should, however, bother to see the movie. AND don't leave until after the credits! There are extra "interviews" with the characters that are absolutely worth seeing!

Maybe I'm in a sappymantic mood. Maybe it's the estrogen. No matter, I loved it and Chatty Kathy loved it, so no matter who you are (yes, I'm saying we two cover the entire spectrum of human experience) GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

Oh and yeah, ScarJo was easily the hottest person in the film. Just sayin...

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