Thursday, March 5

Prop 8 hearings in San Francisco

We could be referencing the case Strauss et al. v. Horton (Hollingsworth et al., Interveners)
(and two other cases, S168066 Tyler et al. v. State of California et al.
in the papers we write in senior year government classes. A whole AP test question might be all about what happens today in California Courts. These are the San Francisco hearings challenging Prop 8. Hit up the streaming video. It doesn't work on my computer, but hopefully it will on yours. I'll post the results soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. GAY IS OK!

We'll know the results in 90 days or so. But with our government, you know there is always some way to make it longer than the 90 days. This is one instance when I don't approve of taking advantage of loopholes.

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