Saturday, March 7

If Katie D. Ran The Emmys, Part Last One

Most Perfect Koreans:

This show is comfusing and completely lacks logic, but it's fascinating (WHAT DO THE NUMBERS MEAN?) and the characters are great. The accents alone are worth the price of admission! But Jin and Sun, the Koreans, are the heart and soul of this masterpiece. When she found out she was pregs with Jin's baby, not her ex-lover's (Jin was in a bad place and she couldn't understand at the time, don't you dare judge!) and cried with joy, even though it was a death sentence (because women who get knocked up on the island die) - it's enough to warm Bill O'Reilly's no-heart area. Clip of love below.

Wednesdays at 8 central on ABC.

Most Morally Repugnant And Yet Flawless Showcase of Television Drama:
Breaking Bad

Thank the Lawd this show is coming back for a second season, because it is friggin magnificent. In one part of last season, the main characters killed a drug dealer who was forcing them to make meth by producing noxious fumes and locking him in a trailer with them. once dead, they put him in a bathtub and melted him with chemicals, which ate through the bathtub and splattered melted drug dealer all over the hall! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS SHOW? New season starts Sunday at 8 central on AMC.

Show That Should Still Be On The Air, No Matter What Kind Of Money The Actors Asked For / Show Whose Setting I Wish Actually Existed So I Could Live There In For Real Life:
Gilmore Girls

Lorelei: How is it out there?
Michel: It is cold and gray like a fat dead pigeon.

This show wasn't on in 2008. Actually, the last season ended in 2007. But it still wins a 2008 award! It's on every day on ABC Family and I Tivo it, so I get that shit every day and I eat it up. It's one of the smartest shows I've ever seen, the characters are hilarious and wonderful and make you fall in love with them, the references are brilliant, and DEAR GOD I want to live in Stars Hollow, CT! I cried during the last episode. Bawled. Absolutely lost it. I now have three of the seven seasons on DVD and am working on procuring the rest. When it was canceled, I was heartbroken. But this post will be my shrine to it, as will the love in my heart. On weekdays at 4 central on ABC Family.

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