Tuesday, March 3

It Hurts More Than Kendra From Girls Next Door's Laugh

There's this wicked awesome (see: fucking annoying) noise that apparently only people under the age of 25 (generally) can hear. It supposedly sounds like a mosquito but I think it's more like if you turned up the "mute" sound (that buzzing or whatever) that you hear when the TV's on but the volume isn't. I heard about this concept a while ago, since it was created in 2005, but I'd never actually heard it. Having now done so, my professional opinion is that it's really fucking annoying. The site says that it's used to keep kids/teens from loitering in malls and shit, but I've also heard that you can buy this shit as a ringtone if you don't want the adults in your life to know when you're getting a call. It's sort of neat, so check it out if you're interested.


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