Tuesday, March 3

The Bachelor: Bitch is a Ho

I don't typically watch The Bachelor because it's sappy and stupid, but my roommate, who has infinitely worse taste in television than I do, TiVos it and I've been sucked in once or twice. Then of course this shit blows the hell up last night when (SPOILER ALERT not that the whole world doesn't know it already) Jason, douche extraordinaire, dumps the chick he ALREADY PROPOSED TO ON TV (Melissa) and decided to hook back up with Molly, bitch he left in New Zealand. First off, I never really liked any of the parties involved because, you know, who goes on TV to find love except fucktards? But Melissa is infinitely more likable than the twat that dumped her or the shameless hussy who took him back. Jason was stone cold when he was breaking up with Melissa and she handled it a lot classier than I would've! He kept whining about how much he wished he could change how he felt and blah blah blah - man up and at least tell her off the fucking air! Ugh, watching Molly take him back, with her hand on his knee and acting all cutesy and precious? And then watching them make out in front of the nation? Even the host guy was pissing me off! "I don't think we could end on a better note. That's as good as it's gonna get." Sleazy sleazy sleazy! Video of Melissa not sucker punching a bitch below.

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