Sunday, August 9

Les Petits Chevaux sur Tout le Monde!

So last year in preparation for her Oral French Final, my roommate (J Bear) and I were going over her prompts. One of them was something like: What would your ideal world be like? You had to answer in French. Tired, annoyed at inane questions, and ready to be done with that shit, her answer went something like this: "Dans mon monde ideal, il y aurait les petits chevaux sur tout le monde!" ("In my ideal world, there would be tiny horses everywhere!") To which I added something weird and she continued with something else weird and so on and so forth. Completely amused with ourselves, we dissolved into giggles and barely finished the prompt.

Well, J Bear, it is with good spirits that I inform you that your ideal world is close at hand.

Koda, a dwarf American Miniature horse (that is, American Miniature is already a breed of teensy equines, and Koda is a dwarf one) is a beautiful, 13-month-old, cat-sized creature who is often mistaken for a battery-operated toy. Koda was born with a lot of health problems, like wonk legs and teeth that are too big for his lil mouf, but he's had surgery to work on some of his problems and he's recovered well. Other "problems" are that he has "bulging eyes, upturned nostrils and a wrinkled nose" but (maybe this is awful) I think that makes him look even freaking cuter. They thought they would have to put him down at birth, but he's still doing well. He's about 23 inches tall, which is about as high as a normal horse's knee, and he's not expected to grow any more. Can I get an "awwwwwww?" More pics below courtesy of the Daily Mail.

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