Saturday, August 22

Eric Bana's Blank Stares are Scary.

So I went and saw The Time Traveler's Wife on opening day with my mom. Who did not make for stimulating post-movie conversation. But besides that, I really enjoyed seeing Clare and Henry's life and home and clothing come to life. Those were the things that stuck out to me when reading. That and the blatant roller coaster of emotion of having your loved one torn away from you to maybe come back, maybe not, without control. That's awesome. But I feel like if you haven't read the book you are going to be COMPLETELY LOST. And Eric Bana's inability to show emotion doesn't help root the story line either. Bana's sad face and happy face and liar face is basically all the same thing.

Liar Face vs. Happy Face vs. Sad Face

All somewhat similar. But hey, I'm no Ronfire99 so my cinematic opinion might be slightly less than reliable.

In order to really experience the story of The Time Traveler's Wife you should READ IT. What a concept, reading a book, huh? Here's the link to IndieBound, which has a database of independent booksellers. Find an independent bookstore, get off your computer, out of the house, and go buy it from a store that actually cares about you. Not the internet and not from Barnes & Noble. Because you don't even know who Barnes is, much less Noble.

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