Saturday, August 22

ABDC: Beyonce Challenge

So coming up on Sunday is another ABDC, but before that happens let's talk about last Sunday's Beyonce Challenge.

Some Highlights:


Even that dude with the dreads that look like too-thick spaghetti pieces had it going on. All about it.

VOGUE EVOLUTION: Who knew that you don't need the proper parts to be incredibly feminine. Femininity is not linked to a body's physicality. It is also very difficult to spell.

However, I do not approve that this:

Beat this:


I'm not even sure that We Are Heroes even danced on that stage. Like yeah I get that their task was to do some intense ticking or whatever. (I do not have the proper jargon to speak about this successfully) But that chain trick was INSANE. Pure insanity. And that got sent home? I think it's all because of the weird judging/voting system that ABDC uses. After 4 seasons, I'm still not even sure that how it works. So even if I wanted to, it's not even clear enough for me to do the damn thing. That's a problem. And the obvious cause that the more talented, better looking, all-female dance crew is gone. Now we're left with strange-looking Asians who may or may not have epilepsy. Awesome.

But at least we got to see this heart-felt goodbye from Artistry in Motion:

Sorry the quality is so jankity. Oh, and the new Wilco album is out of control.

Let's get excited for some martial arts moves on Sunday... I think I might get take out for the occasion.

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