Tuesday, August 4

It's a Ukulele, I'm in love.

Hello dwindling Dyxieland readers! I'm back. After 9 weeks of working in 106 degree weather telling kids to bend their left elbow as they shoot a bow and arrow I finally return. Thanks to Katie D. for holding down the fort while we both worked our camp counselor magic on the youth of America. You know, the future and shit.

So I did miss a lot of prime blogging opportunities and was kind of out of the loop of the real world stuff. But I did get the memo that Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and the OxyClean guy died. Since we all knew about that, I wanted to bring to you some things that People Magazine isn't covering, much less knows about.


Anyone But Me is a webseries that just finished it's first season. It focuses on the relationship of a young lesbian couple living in an explicitly post-9/11 world.

What I love about the plot is that it's not about coming out or reasons why. The orientation of it's characters is a characteristic of a human being and not a reason why for plot development. It just shows the relationship of two young girls trying to keep it together when one of them moves to Westchester from NYC due to her dad's 9/11 related health issues. The other thing i love about the show is the obvious chemistry between Vivian and Aster (VivSter) played by Rachael Hip-Flores and Nicole Pacent. Who, in their interview at Autostraddle, are delightfully nerdy. But nerdy/cool, kind of like Marty McFly pre-time traveling Delorean. I mean, Rachael talks about the His Dark Materials Trilogy. GUSH. Don't worry, we've already twittered about it.
It's not all lesbolicious. Like the L-word. Which was basically soft-core porn. I mean, there are prime time television shows that are racier than ABM. But there is something for everyone. It addresses urban/suburban dynamics, racial prejudice, straight relationships. I'm not lying when I say it's a modern interpretation of a coming-of-age story. It's not written by your mother or her tennis-playing-afternoon-bloody-mary-drinking friend who want you to come of age according to their divine plan. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It has an opinion, a point of view that is all it's own, and girls kissing. Did I mention there are girls kissing? WOO!


Julia Nunes. [pronounced NOONS]

Thanks best friend for posting this video on my facebook wall.

So then, after falling in love with this Julia Nunes' big blue eyes, ballsy voice, and ukulele use, I watched most of her videos and came to the conclusion that she so cute! I might be in Love. Internets love of course. I've never seen anyone use such perfectly timed YouTube video tags. She's turned it into an art. I'm all about it. Turns out Nunes is a college student (like me) posting videos from her room at home (like me) or her dorm room (like me) and opened for Ben Folds (not like me) and has cd's you can buy on iTunes (not like me). And she doesn't just do covers. She writes songs like this:

Ch-ch-check her out.

Official Website


Someone wants to make Green Day's American Idiot album into a musical.
Who do they have to play St. Jimmy? John Gallagher Jr.
Who is that you ask? Click here for a memory refresher.

A Green Day Broadway musical? Sounds sketchy to me. It seems like they are trying to create Spring Awakening part Deux. But created by the cheaper, second cousin of Spring Awakening. Or like, it's the pokemon trade of a hoilfoil Weavil for a platinum edition Charazard. Or something. Potentially benefical, but most likely not.

I now declare Dyxieland somewhat stable and living after our summer hiatus. So check back for more! viva!

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  1. Thanks for the great blog about "Anyone But Me".

    And the Green Day Musical weirds me out a bit as well. :)