Tuesday, August 11

DanRad has a GIRLFRIEND?

I missed this! Harry Potter is dating someone, who is NOT a boy, and who is NOT me. This is a crime, because I've been in love with him for years and even more since I found out that he's Jewish. British, Jewish, gay-friendly, liberal, Harry Potter. WHAT ELSE DO I NEED IN A MAN? He confirmed their dating rumors in late July (sorry, I was busy working) but they've been together since like 2007. What the hell? This Laura O'Toole bitch better watch her back. She was the understudy for the main girl in Equus with him. Daniel! You're a millionaire! At least go for the girl who got the actual part! (Although apparently Laura's been picked up to be the main girl in the next production. WHATEVER.) She's Irish and four years older than him. I look Irish and am his age, roughly.... I need to move to England.

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