Tuesday, February 2

Celebrity Doppelgänger

What's the deal with Celebrity Doppleganger (I'm pissed I can't get the umlaut to work on this computer) week on Facebook? I don't really get it. I think it's a sign that people are just getting bored with everything that facebook is. People are finding who they look like via websites and friends' opinions through status comments. It's like the institution that is facebook is stimulating discussion becuase we can't do that for ourselves anymore. How sad is that? People take facebook incredibly way too seriously. Plus, I already know who I look like, so I changed my profile picture, obviously, to my Doppleganger: Bald John Travolta.

Sidenote: Chatty Kathy and Katie Dee are now on Facebook! Friend us! And become a fan of the blog!

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  1. I tried to figure out who I looked like. Said I was Benicio Del Torro. Awesome...

    -Lil Sof Sof

  2. I've seen so many ridiculous profile pictures. It's celebrity look alike, not celebrity I WANT to look like. Seriously.