Thursday, February 18

Wizard Wednesday

I apologize in advance for not having actual videos on the site; you'll have to toddle over to YouTube to really see what I'm talking about. But I do have links!

So it's not really a secret that I enjoy things of a, shall we say, "Harry Potter" nature. This includes but is not limited to Harry Potter books, Harry Potter movies (some of them), Harry Potter jokes, Harry Potter adventures, Harry Potter discussions, Harry Potter trivia, and Harry Potter spin-offs. The videos I am about to share with you take two of my passions - Harry Potter and weird shit - and combine them. So Brad Neely decided to take the ENTIRE first HP movie and narrate it, as a "book on tape," which he called "Wizard People, Dear Reader." The idea is to watch the movie on mute and play Neely's narration over it, for a new take on the story (FUCKIN META). The result is hilarity. Obviously, some people put it up on YouTube, and thank God for them. It takes a little bit to get into it, but once I got to Chapter Three I was hooked and had to watch the whole thing. The nicknames are one of my favorite aspects of the videos - "Ronnie the Bear" - "Catface Meowmers" - "Snake" (who is a woman) - "Hardcastle McCormick" - but what really makes it funny is this guy's voice. He must be insane. But in the BEST way. I can't get the video to work (embedding has been disabled and my computer knowledge is less than extensive) so PLEASE use the links below to travel to your friendly neighborhood YouTube and watch Wizard People, Dear Reader!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

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