Sunday, October 11


Brace yourselves: Miley Cyrus has deleted her Twitter. Noooooo! What? Where the hell will I get my news now? I have to know the important decisions of her life. Chinese food or Indian? HOW WILL I KNOW WHAT TO ORDER IF I DON'T KNOW WHAT MILEY IS ORDERING?

She said her goodbyes and explanations in a rap on YouTube (below). While this is a vain way of announcing something like this, the fact is that Miley's every move is followed by the media to a ridiculous degree so she needed to say something or people would've froke the fuck out. I mean, even with the explanation - which, by the way, was really well-thought-out, and which I, as a Twitter hater (it is completely masturbatory. I don't give a fuck about your pithy life comments, sorry. Yes, I know I have one, but that's because I'm a whore for readership on the blog), completely agree with - people are still making a huge deal about it. Apparently even her DAD is asking her to bring it back (but we all know he cares only about her well-being and didn't just like the constant publicity her Tweets brought in). Anyway, I may be the only one, but I APPLAUD YOU MILEY. I applaud any celebrity whose stance on their own fame is "Why the fuck do you guys care about everything that I do? Stop it."

Oh and by the way, since this is my first post on Milers and I'm using it as an excuse, below is the video for "Fly on the Wall." Why should you care? You shouldn't, the song is mediocre and the video is no work of genius. BUT the guy in the beginning and end scenes is Jarron Vosburg, who was one of my friends in my neighborhood when I was growing up. He's doing the Hollywood thing, and I wish him well and I get excited when I see stuff that he's doing. And being in a music video of the biggest teen pop star of the moment? That's a pretty big deal. Congrats Jarron!

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