Wednesday, October 7

Fuck Roman Polanski

As far as I'm concerned, the answer to this whole controversy couldn't be simpler. He committed a crime - the rape of a thirteen year old girl. He ran from that crime, and lived for like 3 decades as a free man (continuing in his chosen profession and even winning some fucking Oscars, by the way). Now, he should go to fucking prison. The end.

I honestly don't get what Hollywood is trying to play at with this whole "Free Roman Polanski" thing. I mean, did they hear what he did? The victim's statement from 1977 has been released, and that shit is disturbing! He convinced her that he was taking her picture for French Vogue, and so got her to take off her shirt, then all of her clothes. He gave her glass after glass of champagne. He gave her a Quaalude, which made her even more susceptible to him. He ignored her when she told him to stop, to go away, to take her home. Then he went down on her (which, in a sad, almost-funny-until-you-realize-that-it-is-tragic turn, she called "cuddliness," meaning "cunnilingus" because she was fucking THIRTEEN and did not know what the real term was), then raped her vaginally, and, upon finding out that she was not on birth control, sodomized her.

She was raped - yes, Whoopi Goldberg, RAPE raped - and the man who raped her went free. It's not just a "she wanted it but was a little too young" thing, because 1. She is way more than a little too young, and 2. SHE SAID NO. If someone says no, the other person stops, OR IT IS RAPE. Who the fuck thinks that he should not serve time for this shit? This is not hard. He belongs in jail. Done.

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