Sunday, March 14

In Other Great Re-thinkings of Music Video News...

So I thought that gayed out version of "You Belong With Me" from last VVW was pretty great. I'm sure Tay (Taylor Swift to her not-as-close friends) would love that video as well. I feel like when YouTube videos are done in fun and with a fair amount of respect to the original, the artist would probably appreciate the people doing the re-make, rather than being pissed about it. This is, I'm sure, how Ke$ha feels about the video I'm about to share with you.

I have a love/hate relationship with Tik Tok, the virus of a song that Ke$ha released into the unsuspecting world. On the one hand, it has a catchy chorus. On the other hand, I hate every other part of the song, and I get it stuck in my head all the time. But this video rethinking is a work of pure genius.

This child is a badass; Sleeping Kitty Productions 4 lyfe.

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  1. I feel bad because I think this girl might be retarded.

  2. You think so? Nah, it says in the credits that she edited and cut this together herself. I think she's just good old fashioned socially awkward and weird.

    And either way, she's still awesome.