Wednesday, September 30


OKOKOK. I'm sorry I've been MIA. Turning 21 really puts one behind in responsibilities. But, the one constant during all the shenanigans that tend to be life at The Girl's House (The nickname given by our group of friends to mine, Katie D, et al's abode) has been a little show that you may or may not have heard about. I mean, it's not really that popular, and it's hasn't had that much hype surrounding it at all. So, in case you didn't know, besides Julia Nunes, the new love of my life is GLEE. It comes on every Wednesday at 9/8c on FOX.

Now besides the singing, besides the dancing, besides Lea Michele, besides Jane Lynch as the devious coach of the Cheer-ios Sue Sylvester, we need to talk about newcomer Chris Colfer who plays Kurt Hummel. (K...U...R...T...KURT!) Kurt is fabulous. Simply fabulous. Katie D and I text eachother Kurt quotes. I sent this one just now: "My name is Kurt Hummel and I'll be auditioning for the role of kicker." And Colfer's voice is out of control. The first time we met Kurt in the pilot back in May, he held a note long enough to throw in his signiture part-fix to the hair. His delightfully bitchy confidence and fashion sense makes every episode a joy to watch.

Now, before I fall too quickly into the tone of a Good Housekeeping book reviewer, let's talk about the story line began in episode 2: "Acafellas." Mercedes is under the impression that her and Kurt are an item. However, everyone else knows what Mercedes is ignoring and Kurt hasn't admitted to himself or anyone else. Kurt is gay. Here is where the show not only differs from anything on television because there is singing and choreography fit to a plot, not to mention a plot; but, GLEE deals with real issues kids face in Highschool. And the most important one to me is Kurt's coming out.

Being out in Highschool is a completely different experience than coming out later in life. Especially college. In college you are allowed to be crazy (Ahem, birthdays make good excuses...) and you are allowed to experiement and break the mold. That's what it's all about. But in highscool, if you are different, if you break a mold, you are putting yoruself at risk. Why is that? Who fucking knows. And it fucking blows. But if it weren't for shows (ok enough...) like GLEE, these things wouldn't be talked about. I was never out in highschool. My best friends in the whole entire world, my never look back, love you no matter what, support you even if you are wrong until you are 50 and living with 2 cats and a ferret best friends knew. And if anyone else knew, thanks for not telling me sooner so that I could have gotten on with everything already.
But alas, I digress. My point is Kurt's story is one happenning everyday. But GLEE is treating it with respect, with reality, with humility, with class, with humor. And that's why GLEE is the new love of my life and Kurt's Single Ladies number makes me want to spank my ass. And yes, he does do the finger point sneak attack.

Sidenote: GLEE is also a social-networking site for the LGBT community. Who knew? Click the picture to check it out.

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