Monday, August 23

The Generation Gap and it's Astounding Ability to Make Itself Known Even in Your (really) Early 20's

The Generation Gap, as defined by, doesn't actually exist yet, but these definitions are similar: The MTV Generation, hide the wingtip, CUCAMONGA. If that doesn't clue you in to what I'm talking about then you're obviously an idiot.

But no, really. I'm just sitting here at my really engaging job thinking about things. Thinking thoughts. Big thoughts. I took a bathroom break during the middle of this really great sit-and-think-about-things session and encountered the first batch of babies trying to find room 318 in McBride Hall at the University of Iowa. Freshmen. Put down the iPhone. It will not help you read the map. Actually read the map. Look at it and read it. Put the smartphone away. While witnessing this complete dependence on technology, I realized that the longer I'm in this world, the older I get. I know, I know, stop me now, this is really uncovering something huge. HUGE. Sarcasm aside, I did realize something during my pee break: that even though these kids (heh, "these kids," GET OFF MY LAWN.) are only 18 and I a mere near 22, I feel so much older, so much more experienced than they. Which I guess with time is true, as it is with everything. But still. They have no idea what they just got themselves into. No clue. Not ready at all. Why is this not a section of some kind of prep thing? Why is the fact that you have no fucking clue what you are doing a topic tested on the SAT?

What I'm saying may be obvious. But have you ever had that moment when you realize it's real? Like really real? Like this is fucking it? Like taking one more step is you actually taking one more step and your Achilles tendon pops in a strange way but you keep taking that one more step because it'll be ok it's only your Achilles tendon?

Nope? Just me?

Well today is the beginning of a very busy semester filled with applying for The Next Step, making a documentary which you will undoubtedly hear more about in the upcoming year, working at the lit mag, being Madame du 508, trying my damnedest to stick to the blog schedule, many more opportunities to get the last word, but the idea of This Is It smacked me just as hard as the overwhelming feeling that unfortunately there isn't an app for that.

As this sappy post comes to an end, I am overwhelmingly aware of the fact that this, right now, this right here, right there, is the best time of my life.

So live well interwebz. Live well and prosper.

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