Saturday, April 3


Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I've started hosting a Literary/Creative Writing themed radio show targeted at undergraduates at the University of Iowa. It's on from 11-Noon and you can stream it online here! So, you can listen from anywhere. If you are in the Iowa City area, turn the dial to 89.7. This week, me and Ronfire99 are having a special guest on the show, our friend The Hobbit Extra, to talk about music with literary lyrics, book references, and music we write to. We're taking it easy this week since it's easter weekend. Our songs choices should lead to some really fascinating discussion, since Ronfire, The Hobbit Extra, and I are all lil Chatty Kathys (Kathies?) and it makes me proud.

Be sure to listen as I slowly become a media mogul.

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